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Job Seeker FAQs   (see employer FAQs below)

1. Can I remain anonymous?

Yes, you can confidentially search jobs. You can remain totally anonymous until you decide otherwise or until you inquire of a position. You can also be partially visible and only show information like your job preferences and qualifications.  Tip:  You may want to strongly consider making yourself visible so that employers and recruiters can contact you about their position.  Some employers and recruiters never post their position(s), but only use the profile/resume databse to find candidates to fill their positions.

2. Is searching for jobs and posting my profile and CV/resume free?

Yes, searching for jobs and posting your profile and CV/resume is always free, along with full use of our job seeker features.

3. Is it complicated and time consuming to register and post my CV & profile?

No, it is very simple and fast. Registration should take under 2 minutes. You can upload your CV/resume with a click of a button. We understand the time pressure physicians and healthcare professionals face everyday. So we have designed a site to be very simple and fast and also organize your job search.

4. What is the process and how does the site organize my job search?

After you have searched hundreds of physician and medical positions using numerous search criteria and you find a job(s) of interest, (1) you can either save that job in what is called "Saved Jobs" to view later or inquire about or delete it later, (2) or you can inquire right then of that job. When you inquire of the job by email, you can send your profile and are given the option to attach your CV/resume to the email with your profile.  You can also save your search criteria for searching for jobs at a later date.

The job you inquired about is then saved in your folder named "Jobs Applied For" for viewing later.  All of this can be accessed from your "Candidate Homepage" within your simple to use online job tracking databse. 

5. How can I change my registration information, profile and CV/resume?

Simply, log into your account by entering your user name and password ID. Change your registration information by clicking on the "Change Login" button under Account Management.  You can change or update or delete your profile along with your CV/resume and whether your profile/resume is visible or not visible or partially visible by clicking on "Manage Resumes", and then clicking on the profile/resume itself.

6. How do I delete myself from the site?

Login into your account by including your user name and password ID. Click on "Manage Resumes", and then click on the red x under Action column on the right side of your profile/resume name.  If you only want to be totally anonymous, click into your profile/resume and uncheck the box next to "Searchable" at the botom.  You can also go to our Contact Us page and email "unsubscribe" or "delete my registration" to us.

7. Can I have new jobs emailed directly to me?

Yes, you can have newly posted jobs emailed directly to you daily or weekly whether your information is visible on the internet or not. Simply login or register, and on your registration page make sure that the box is checked by the phrase "Job Email Alerts".  New jobs that match your specialty and location preferences will be emailed directly to you.  Once you have logged into the site, you can edit, add or delete your Job Search Agents.


8. What if I forgot my username and/or password?

Your user name is the email address you entered upon registration. To find your password, click on the "Forgot your Passord?" on the Job Seeker Login box. Then enter the email address you registered with and click send. Your password will be emailed to you.

9.  Is a physician or medical recruitment firm?

No, is the physician and healthcare job board portal for one of the largest physician & healthcare job board networks on the internet dedicated to connecting healthcare professionals with jobs all across the country.  Medical facilities and recruitment firms post positions and contact candidates directly.  Candidates inquire directly to the healthcare facility or recruitment/staffing firms.   We also provide career beneficial information and a community area with discussion on various topics in our resource center.  Click here to see the entire network.

Employer and Recruiter FAQs

1. How do I register and post my first job?

Visit our rates page and click "Register Now!", or in the Employer box at the top right of the home page click "register" and complete the registration page. This should take less than 3 minutes. Once logged in you will be at  your Employer Homepage.  Click on "Purchase Products" under the third column titled Account Manager.  Next put in your coupon code if you have one and click "Submit", next delete the "1" out of the quantity boxes of the job posting packages you do not wish to purchase and once the total purchase amount is correct, click Proceed, if you do not have a coupon code, place the number that you want of a job package in the quantity box and click Proceed.  You will be taken step by step to pay through our secure online Paypal gateway with any of the following credit cards:   Visa, MasterCard, Amex or Discover.  Once you have paid, you will be taken back to the Purchase Products page listing your products purchased and your payment history.  Click on "Post a Job" from the pull down menu under the Job Postings at the very top right of the page.  Post your job, save it as a draft or preview it before actually submitting it as a posted job.


Hospitals, recruitment firms or multi-specialty groups interested in posting more than 11 positions in one specialty or various specialties throughout the network of job boards, please go to Contact Us page and send us an email with the words "send marketing info" typed into the message box.  We will promptly email you our various membership posting packages and their prices.  A representative will follow-up this email. If you are posting jobs in various specialties, you will be able to post all your jobs and browse all the candidates and keep track of all your positions and candidates on while using the marketing power and results of over 25 niche physician and medical specialized job boards in the network of job boards. Your jobs will automatically post on the specialty site of its specialty.

2. Can I track the recruiting progress with various candidates and jobs?

Yes, you can track your candidate activity in our secure simple applicant tracking database.

3. How do I add my company logo or a graphic picture to my jobs?

Login and go to Company Profile and Logo under your account manager column.  This site was designed to give you tremendous ability to make your position as attractive looking as possible.  Your logo will automatically appear on all your positions. 

4. Is a physician and medical recruitment firm?

No, is the physician job board portal for one of the largest physician  job board networks on the internet dedicated to connecting physicians with jobs all across the country.  Medical facilities and recruitment firms post positions and contact candidates directly.  Candidates inquire directly to the healthcare facility or recruitment firm.  We also provide career beneficial information and a community area with discussion on various topics in our PhysicianCareerJobs resource center or in one of the specialty specific career areas in one of the job boards of the network.  See the network below.

5. How do I change my contact information?

1. Login with your user ID and Password;

2. Click on Company Profile and Logo under Account Manager column on your Employer Homepage

6. How do I delete my job postings?

1. Login with your user ID and Password;

2. Click Jobs Manager, scroll down to your jobs;

3. Click the box next to the job you want to delete and click delete;

4. You can also expire a job to reactivate at a later time.

7. Can I remain anonymous?

Yes, you can confidentially search candidates. You can remain anonymous until you decide other wise. You can post a position and only give details that you would like another party to be able to see on the internet.

8. How do I renew my membership or purchase another job posting?

1. Click on Purchase Products under the Account Manager column on your Employer Homepage after login;

2. Place the quantity in the box beside the job posting package you want and click Proceed;

3. Follow the directions to make credit card payment through Paypal of by credit card;

4. Once you have paid, go back to your Jobs Manger from your Homepage, click the box next to your job(s) and click the Renew button.

9. How can I narrow down my candidate search results?

On the search page you can search by the following parameters:

1. Search candidates by date entered;

2. Title or type of position: Permanent, Locums, Locums to perm, etc;

3. Keyword search of any word listed on their job preference profile;

4. Specialty of physician;

5. State candidate holds a license;

6. State preference of the candidate. One preference is Open to all states;

7. Regional preferences of the candidate; etc.

10. How can I find the job seeker who inquired of one of my positions?

On your Employer Homepage after login, click on Jobs Manager. Scroll down to find a listing of all jobs. Click on the number by your job under the "Applied Column".  You can also view some job seekers that have clicked into view the details of your jobs.

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